Track: Nanomaterials for Energy Applications
Shulga Yu.M., Michtchenko A., Baskakov S.A., Abalyaeva V.V., Efimov O.N., Shulga N.Y., Cabanas-Moreno J.G., Lartundo-Rojas L., Moreno-Rojas L.A.  
Composite Material for Supercapacitors Formed by Polymerization of Aniline in the Presence of Graphene Oxide Nanosheets
Proc. NAP 1, 04NEA01 (2012)
Sehin M.Ya., Tkachuk A.I.  
Thermodynamic Parameters of the Intercalation Reaction in Thermal and Laser Modified Nanodispersed Anatase
Proc. NAP 1, 04NEA02 (2012)
Ptitsin V.E.  
New Thermal Field Electron Emission Energy Conversion Method
Proc. NAP 1, 04NEA03 (2012)
Banerjee D., Dhara P., Chatterjee K., Kargupta K., Ganguly S.  
Thermoelectric Characterization of Nanostructures of Bismuth Prepared by Solvothermal Approach
Proc. NAP 1, 04NEA04 (2012)
Moradifar P., Bahman-Nezhad B., Abdorahim M., Darvish S., Asgari S.  
The SiC/SiO Nanostructured Core-Shell as Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries: Synthesis and HRTEM Characterization
Proc. NAP 1, 04NEA05 (2012)
Mokrinskaya E.V., Tonkopieva L.S., Studzinsky S.L., Davidenko N.A., Davidenko I.I., Ishchenko A.A., Grabchuk G.P.  
Internal Photoeffect in Films of Poly-N-epoxypropylcarbazole with High Concentration of Anion Polymethinine Dye
Proc. NAP 1, 04NEA06 (2012)
Kim K.-B., Kim J.-G., Kim H.-K., Jegal J.-P., Kim K.-H., Kim J.-Y., Park S.-H.  
Nanocomposites of Reduced Graphene Oxide for Energy Storage Applications
Proc. NAP 1, 04NEA07 (2012)
Hamadanian Khozani M., Reisi-Vanani A., Razi P., Hoseinifard S.  
Study of Photocatalytic Behavior of Photochemical Doped TiO2 Nanoparticles with In-V Synthesized by Sol-gel and Hydrothermal Methods
Proc. NAP 1, 04NEA08 (2012)
Ganguly S., Banerjee D., Kargupta K.  
Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials for New and Sustainable Energy Engineering
Proc. NAP 1, 04NEA09 (2012)
Peckus D., Devižis A., Hertel D., Gulbinas V.  
Excited State Relaxation in Vacuum Deposited and Solution Processed Films of Merocyanine/Fulerene Blends
Proc. NAP 1, 04NEA10 (2012)
Loni E., Zolriasatein A., Shokuhfar A.  
Synthesis of Novel Nanoparticles by Using «Europium Instead of Indium in the Conventional CIS Composition for Photovoltaic Application
Proc. NAP 1, 04NEA11 (2012)
Studzinsky S.L., Tonkopieva L.S., Davidenko N.A., Davidenko I.I., Ishchenko A.A., Kostenko L.I., Ankin A.N., Mokrinskaya E.V.  
Photoconductive Composite Films Based on Cobalt (II) and Nickel (II) Organic Salts Doped with Polymethine Dyes
Proc. NAP 1, 04NEA12 (2012)
Skubenko N.A., Zhirko Yu.I., Boledzyuk V.B., Kovalyuk Z.D.  
Optical Properties of Layered GaSe Crystals Intercalated with Hydrogen-Containing Molecules of Toluene, Water and Alcohol
Proc. NAP 1, 04NEA13 (2012)
Ilkiv B.I., Petrovska S., Sergiienko R., Zaulychnyy Ya.V.  
X-ray Spectral Investigation of Carbon Nanoshells
Proc. NAP 1, 04NEA14 (2012)
Khovaylo V., Usenko A., Gorshenkov M., Kaloshkin S.  
Optimization of Ball-Milling Process for Preparation of Si-Ge Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials
Proc. NAP 1, 04NEA15 (2012)
Track: Magnetic Fine Particles, Nanomagnetism
Boltaev A.P., Sherstnev I.A., Pudonin F.A.  
Multilayered Structures from Periodically Alternating Magnetic Island Layers: Magnetization Processes and Magnetoresistance
Proc. NAP 1, 04MFPN01 (2012)
Lavrynenko O.M., Dudchenko N., Brik A.B.  
Magnetic Properties of the Cobalt Ferrous Spinel Ferrite Nanoparticles Formed on the Steel Surface Contacting with Cobalt Chloride Water Solutions in Open-air System
Proc. NAP 1, 04MFPN02 (2012)
Mikheenko I., Mikheenko P., Jenkins P., Attard G.A., Macaskie L.E., Johansen T.H.  
Visualization of Spin Polarized States in Biologically-Produced Ensembles of Ferromagnetic Palladium Nanoparticles
Proc. NAP 1, 04MFPN03 (2012)
Creamer N.J., Macaskie L.E., Mikheenko P., Mikheenko I.P., Cottrell S.P., Williams A.R.  
Observation of the Curie Transition in Palladium Bionanomaterial Using Muon Spin Rotation Spectroscopy
Proc. NAP 1, 04MFPN04 (2012)
Lyutyy T.V., Polyakov A.Yu., Denisov S., Hänggi P.  
Technique of the Fast Ferrofluids Simulation
Proc. NAP 1, 04MFPN05 (2012)
Bukharaev A.A., Nurgazizov N.I., Biziaev D.A., Chuklanov A.P., Khanipov T.F.  
Current-Induced Phase Transition in Ni Nanowires
Proc. NAP 1, 04MFPN06 (2012)
Rafati A.A., Najafi M., Khorshidi M.  
Synthesis and Characterization of Co1-xSnx Magnetic Nanowires
Proc. NAP 1, 04MFPN07 (2012)
Rafati A.A., Najafi M., Zare A.  
Effect of Electrodeposition Frequency on Magnetic Properties of (Co0.97Al0.03)0.7Fe0.3 Nanowires
Proc. NAP 1, 04MFPN08 (2012)
Najafi M., Rastegar Barmachi N., Soltanian S., Alemipour Z., Aftabi A.  
The Effect of Diameter and Thermal Treatment on Magnetic Properties of Co1-xZnx Alloy Nanowires
Proc. NAP 1, 04MFPN09 (2012)
Najafi M., Hayati F., Rafati A.  
Effect of Current Frequency and Annealing on Magnetic Properties of [Co70Fe30]97Sn3 Nanowire Arrays
Proc. NAP 1, 04MFPN10 (2012)
Hauet T., Sediri A., Piraux L., Antohe V.A., Abreu Araujo F., Hehn M., Lacour D., Mangin S.  
Magnetic Behavior of Co/Pt and TbCo Nanocaps Assembly for Bit Pattern Media
Proc. NAP 1, 04MFPN11 (2012)
Tejada J., Velez S., Zarzuela R.  
Quantum Nanomagnetism
Proc. NAP 1, 04MFPN12 (2012)
Denisov S., Babych H., Denisova L., Peredriy Ye.  
Effective Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert Equation for a Conducting Nanoparticle
Proc. NAP 1, 04MFPN13 (2012)
Mozul K., Ishchenko A., Kryshtal’ A.P., Ol'khovik L.P., Sizova Z.I.  
Magnetic Anisotropy of Ultra-Small Nanocrystals of CoFe2O4
Proc. NAP 1, 04MFPN14 (2012)
Denisov S., Reva V.V., Bondar O.O.  
Generalized Fokker-Planck Equation for the Nanoparticle Magnetic Moment Driven by Poisson White Noise
Proc. NAP 1, 04MFPN15 (2012)
Denisov S.I., Lyutyy T.V., Binns C., Polyakov A.Yu.  
Power Loss of the Nanoparticle Magnetic Moment in Alternating Fields
Proc. NAP 1, 04MFPN16 (2012)
Denisov S.I., Kantz H., Bystrik Yu.S.  
Numerical Simulation of Decoupled Continuous-Time Random Walks with Superheavy-Tailed Waiting Time Distributions
Proc. NAP 1, 04MFPN17 (2012)
Zlenko V.A., Demydenko M.G., Protsenko S.I.  
Synthesis and Magneto-optical Properties of Co Nanoparticle Arrays
Proc. NAP 1, 04MFPN18 (2012)
Track: Plasma and Ion Technologies for Surface Engineering
Baranov O.  
Control of ion density distribution by use of magnetic traps for plasma electrons
Proc. NAP 1, 04PITSE01 (2012)
Grigonis A., Marcinauskas L., Carnauskas M., Kaliasas R.  
Graphite Nanostructures Produce in the Acetilene, Argon-Acetylene and Argon-Hydrogen-Acetylene Plasmas
Proc. NAP 1, 04PITSE02 (2012)
Gorjanc M., Simončič B., Vasiljević J., Vesel A., Mozetic M.  
Plasma and Sol-Gel Technology for Creating Nanostructured Surfaces of Fibrous Polymers
Proc. NAP 1, 04PITSE03 (2012)
Solodovnyk A.N., Chen Q., Li W., Fei F.  
Involving Low-Pressure Plasma for Surface Pre-Treatment and Post Print Sintering of Silver Tracks on Polymer Substrates
Proc. NAP 1, 04PITSE04 (2012)
Zamchiy A.O., Khmel’ S.Ya., Baranov E.A.  
Influence of Substrate Temperature on the Optical Properties and the Deposition rate of Amorphous Silicon Films
Proc. NAP 1, 04PITSE05 (2012)
Gusevik P.S., Ryabtsev S.I., Bashev V.F., Dotsenko F.F.  
Phase Composition and Physical Properties of the MnBiCr Films, Obtained by Ion-plasma Sputtering
Proc. NAP 1, 04PITSE06 (2012)
Kalinichenko A.I., Strel'nitskij V.E., Vasyliev V.V.  
Characteristics of DLC Coating Prepared by Pulse Biasing: Analysis in Model of Thermoelastic Peak of Ion
Proc. NAP 1, 04PITSE07 (2012)
Shustin E.G., Isaev N.V., Klykov I.L., Peskov V.V.  
Plasma Processing Reactor on a Base of Beam Plasma Discharge for Producing and Processing Nanomaterials
Proc. NAP 1, 04PITSE08 (2012)
Petrov A., Alexandrov A., Kralkina E., Nekliudova P., Vavilin K., Pavlov V.  
Advanced Ion and Plasma Sources for Materials Surface Engineering
Proc. NAP 1, 04PITSE09 (2012)
Tuckute S., Pranevičius L.L.  
Separation of Hydrogen from Water Molecules by Ion Implantation into Thin Ti Films
Proc. NAP 1, 04PITSE10 (2012)
Solovyova A.E.  
Simulation of the Mechanism of Defect Structure Formation in Polycrystalline Indium Oxide Under Ion Irradiation
Proc. NAP 1, 04PITSE11 (2012)
Alontseva D.L., Krasavin A.L., Kolesnikova T.A., Pogrebnjak A.D., Russakova A.V.  
Computer Simulation of Temperature Profiles for E-beam Modification of Ni- Based Plasma Detonation Coatings
Proc. NAP 1, 04PITSE12 (2012)
Track: Radiation Effects in Solids
Mikolutskiy S.I., Yamschikov V.A., Khomich V.Yu., Shmakov V.A.  
Model of Nanostructure Formation on Solid Surface Melted by Laser Pulse
Proc. NAP 1, 04RES01 (2012)
Sosnowski J.  
Influence of Radiation Induced Nano-defects on Critical Current of HTc Superconductors
Proc. NAP 1, 04RES02 (2012)
Kryuchkov S.V., Konchenkov V.I., Zav'yalov D.V.  
The Appearance of Transverse Current in the Graphene Superlattice under the Influence of Elliptically Polarized Wave
Proc. NAP 1, 04RES03 (2012)
Seminko V.V., Malyukin Yu.V., Masalov A.A.  
Spectroscopically Detected Segregation of Pr3+ Ions in Y2SiO5 Nanocrystals
Proc. NAP 1, 04RES04 (2012)
Kukhar E.I., Kryuchkov S.V.  
Constant Electric Field Influence on the Rectification of the Transversal Current Induced by the Sinusoidal and Cnoidal Electromagnetic Waves in Graphene Superlattice
Proc. NAP 1, 04RES05 (2012)
Maksimchuk P., Masalov A., Seminko V., Malyukin Yu.  
Formation of Luminescence Centers in Oxygen-Deficient Cerium Oxide Nanocrystals
Proc. NAP 1, 04RES06 (2012)
Kuprin A.S., Tolmachova G.N., Belous V.A., Lomino N.S., Ovcharenko V.D., Reshetnyak E.N., Morozov O.M., Zhurba V.I.  
Influence of Deuterium Ion Implantation on the Structure and Hardness of Nanocrystalline Films
Proc. NAP 1, 04RES07 (2012)
Vlasukova L., Komarov F., Milchanin O., Parkhomenko I., Zuk J.  
Structural Peculiarities of A3B5 Nanocrystals Created in Si by Ion-Beam Synthesis
Proc. NAP 1, 04RES08 (2012)
Oliinyk O.V., Tatarenko V.A., Park Y.B., Selyshchev P.O.  
Influence of Fluctuations of the Point-Defects’ Generation Rate and Inhomogeneity of Irradiated F.C.C. Crystal on the Temperature Dependence of the Dissipative-Structure Period in a Spatial Distribution of Radiation Vacancies
Proc. NAP 1, 04RES09 (2012)
Durak R., Ateş A., Turhan M.F., Sağlam M.  
Measurements of Radiative Vacancy Transfer Probabilities for Some Elements Irradiated with Photons of 0.0208 Nanometer Wavelengths
Proc. NAP 1, 04RES10 (2012)
Track: Functional Coating, Nanoparticles Functionalization
Domenici V., Dolci S., Pampaloni G., Jaglicic Z.  
New Ultra Small Iron-Oxide Nanoparticles with Titanium-Carbamate Coating: Preparation and Magnetic Properties
Proc. NAP 1, 04FCNF01 (2012)
Ovcharenko A.P., Bilozertseva V.I., Tranh D.T., Gaman D.A., Khlyap H.M.  
New Aspects of Design of Wide-Band Interference Coatings Based on Six-Layer Period
Proc. NAP 1, 04FCNF02 (2012)
Matulis V.E., Mazheika A.S., Ivashkevich O.A.  
Theoretical Investigation of Interaction of 1-R-5-Mercaptotetrazoles with Silver and Palladium Particles
Proc. NAP 1, 04FCNF03 (2012)
Dolgikh O.V., Sotskaya N.V., Sapronova L.V.  
Electrochemical Behavior of Electrodeposited Ni-P Coatings in Acidic Solutions
Proc. NAP 1, 04FCNF04 (2012)
Prozorova M.S., Kolisnishenko O.V., Kovaleva M.G., Arseenko M.Yu., Tyurin Yu.N.  
Structure and the Physico-Mechanical Properties of the Ceramic Coatings Obtained by the Cumulative -Detonation Device
Proc. NAP 1, 04FCNF05 (2012)
Dimitriev O., Petrenko V., Slominski Yu., Mazarchyk I.  
Formation of J-aggregates of Thiamonomethincyanine Dyes in the Presence of CdTe Nanoparticles
Proc. NAP 1, 04FCNF06 (2012)
Shevchuk O.M., Chobit M.R., Bukartyk N.M., Tokarev V.S.  
Synthesis of Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles with Initiating Centers in Polymer Shell
Proc. NAP 1, 04FCNF07 (2012)
Bondar I.V., Han D.H., Cho H.K.  
Synthesis of Nanocomposite Adsorbent on the Base of Polypropylene Fabric with Copper Ferrocyanide Grains
Proc. NAP 1, 04FCNF08 (2012)
Track: New Materials in Electrical Engineering and Electronics
Mokhtari B., Pourabdollah K.  
Voltammetric Behavior of Nano-basket Complexes
Proc. NAP 1, 04NMEEE01 (2012)
Lutsyk V.I., Vorob’eva V.P.  
Reasons for Contradiction of T-x-y Diagram Au-Bi-Sb
Proc. NAP 1, 04NMEEE02 (2012)
Rodlovskaya E.N., Izmailov B.A.  
New Poly (Arylene Thiophenes)
Proc. NAP 1, 04NMEEE03 (2012)
Kotlyarchuk A., Ragulya A., Klymenko V., Dubovitskaya N., Lobunets T., Shatskikh S.  
Doped Barium Titanate at Intermediate Stages of Synthesis of ВТО
Proc. NAP 1, 04NMEEE04 (2012)
Semenok D.V., Safonov S.V., Kochemirovsky V.  
The Technology of Laser-Induced Deposition of Nanostructured Metallic Conductors on the Dielectric Substrate
Proc. NAP 1, 04NMEEE05 (2012)
Shovkoplyas O., Lopatkin Yu., Kondratenko P.  
Biphenyl Molecules as Elements of Nanoelectronics in the Electric Field
Proc. NAP 1, 04NMEEE06 (2012)
Selivanov N.I., Samsonova L.G., Solodova T.A., Kopylova T.N.  
Photophysical Properties of Acridine in Solutions and SiO2 Thin Films. Materials for Optical Sensors.
Proc. NAP 1, 04NMEEE07 (2012)
Andrushchak A.S., Sаlаmo G.J., Kushnir O.S., Yurkevych O.V.  
Enhаncement of the Performаnce of Bulk and Nаnostructured
Proc. NAP 1, 04NMEEE08 (2012)
Jamil N.Yo., Ivashchenko M.M., Abdulla S.N., Muhammed A.A.K., Pogrebnjak A.D.  
Design and Fabrication Heterojunction Solarcell of Si-CdS-ZnO Thin Film
Proc. NAP 1, 04NMEEE09 (2012)

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