Track: Nanomaterials Applications in Electronics, Spintronics and Photonics
Kruglyak Yu.A.  
Non-Equilibrium Green’s Function Method in Matrix Representation and Model Transport Problems of Nanoelectronics
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP01 (2013)
Gambaryan K.M., Harutyunyan V.G., Aroutiounian V.M., Boeck T., Marquardt O., Schuette F.  
InAsSbP-based Quantum Dot Mid-Infrared Photodetectors: Fabrication, Properties and Applications
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP02 (2013)
Kudrya V.G., Voronenko D.A.  
Designing Nanotechnology Matching Devices
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP03 (2013)
Blinov L.M., Lazarev V.V., Yudin S.G.  
Ultrathin Photovoltaic Donor-Acceptor Structure with Opposite Built-in Fields
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP04 (2013)
Pozdnyakov D.V., Borzdov A.V., Borzdov V.M.  
Calculation of Current-Voltage Characteristics of the Optimized Triode with a Cold Cathode Based on the Ordered Array of Single-Wall Metallic Carbon Nanotubes
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP05 (2013)
Poliakova A., Kolobkova E., Abdrshin A., Aseev V., Nikonorov N.  
Optical Properties of PbSe Qantum Dots Doped in Fluorophosphate Glasses
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP06 (2013)
Lutsyk V.I., Vorob’eva V.P.  
3D Computer Models of Mo-Zr-V, Ti-C-V, Ti-Ir-Ru T-x-y Diagrams with Three-phase Reaction Type Changing
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP07 (2013)
Nekrasova Ya., Aseev V., Nikonorov N., Kolobkova E., Usov O., Nashchekin A.  
Red Emitting Phosphors Doped with Mn and Eu Ions for pc-WLEDs
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP08 (2013)
Lutsyk V.I., Zelenaya A.  
Ternary Systems for the Liquid Immiscibility Gap Technology
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP09 (2013)
Pozdnyakov D.V., Borzdov A.V., Borzdov V.M., Komarov F.F.  
Influence of Impact Ionization Process on Current-Voltage Characteristics of Nanoscale Silicon n-Channel MOSFET
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP10 (2013)
Trofimov A.O., Kolobkova E.V., Sohovich E.V., Zemko V.S.  
Electrochromic Film Based on a-WO3 Obtained by Sol-gel
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP11 (2013)
Popov A.K., Nefedov I.S., Myslivets S.A., Shalaev M.I., Slabko V.V.  
Nonlinear-optical Negative-index Metamaterials: Extraordinary Properties and Applications
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP12 (2013)
Tang X., Yin Z.  
MOCVD Growths of the InAs QD Structures for Mid-IR Emissions
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP13 (2013)
Turmezei P.J., Molnár K.Z., Horváth Z.J., Kovács B.  
Retention Behaviour of MNOS Memory Devices with Embedded Si or Ge Nanocrystals - Computer Simulation
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP14 (2013)
Banishev A.A., Banishev A.A., Lotin A.F.  
Deformation Stimulated Luminescence of Nano-Micro-Parcticles SrAl2O4:(Eu2+, Dy3+) in a Matrix of Photopolymer and Creation of Sensor Elements of Mechanical Stresses
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP15 (2013)
Soloviova A.E.  
Modeling of the Mechanism of Influence of the Defect Structure in a Polycrystalline Scandi-um Oxide on the Properties of the Thermal and Electrical Effects in Vacuum
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP16 (2013)
Soloviova A.E.  
Simulation of the Mechanism of Formation of Solid Solutions in the System In2О3 – ТіO2 When Heated in Air
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP17 (2013)
Vasiliev V.P., Loukova G.V., Ivanov V.L., Melnikov M.Ya., Smirnov V.A., Melnicuk E.E.  
Two−photon Processes in Organometallic Molecules and Clusters: T−T Absorption of Group IV Metal Complexes
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP18 (2013)
Loukova G.V.  
Harvesting and Electron-Exchange Energy Transfer by d0 Metallocene-Based Organized Systems
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP19 (2013)
Sorokina M.G., Bocharova I.V., Nikonorov N.V., Ignatiev A.I.  
Dependence of Chemical Etching Rate of PTR-glasses on Terms of Photo-Thermo-Induced Crystallization
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP20 (2013)
Kuchuk A., Kladko V., Lytvyn P., Stanchu H., Sobancka M., Wierzbicka A., Klosek K., Zytkiewicz Z.R.  
Correlation between Crystallographic Alignment of Self-induced GaN Nanowires and Features of Si(111) Nitridation
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP21 (2013)
Klym H.I., Hadzama I.V.  
Evolution of Porous Structure in Technologically Modified MgO-Al2O3 Ceramics
Proc. NAP 2, 04NAESP22 (2013)
Track: Nanomaterials Applications in Biotechnologies and Medicine
Prokhorov Ye., Zarate-Triviño D., Valenzuela Acosta M., Luna-Bárcenas G., Rodríguez Padilla C., Franco Molina M.  
Chitosan-Gold Nanoparticle Composites for Biomedical Application
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM01 (2013)
Stasyuk E.S., Scuridin V.S., Nesterov E.A., Varlamova N.V., Rogov A.S., Sadkin V.L.  
Preparation and Medico-Biological Tests Nanocolloids Radiopharmaceuticals on the Base of Modified DTPA Labeled Technetium-99m
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM02 (2013)
Milovich F.O., Tabachkova N.Y., Bublik V.T., Lomonova E.E., Borik M.A., Kulebyakin A.V., Myzina V.A.  
Study of the Structure and Mechanical Properties of PSZ (Partially Stabilized Zirconia) after Heat Treatment at 1600 °C
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM03 (2013)
Gopin A.V., Nikolaev A.L., Bozhevolnov V.E., Mazina S.E., Treschalina E.M., Dezhkunov N.V.  
Ultrasonic Nanomedicine in the Therapy of Oncological Diseases
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM04 (2013)
Bozhevolnov V.E., Smykov I.T., Severin A.V.  
Effect of Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles on Kinetics of Enzymatic Gelation in Milk
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM05 (2013)
Koloskova O.O., Budanova U.A., Sebyakin Yu.L.  
Nano-sized Gene Delivery System Based on Cationic Amphiphiles
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM06 (2013)
Rotar O.V., Rotar V.I.  
Application Of Chitosan/Cyclodextrin Nanoparticles for Tissue Glutathione Delivery
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM07 (2013)
Tolstov A.  
Preparation of Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Based Composites Filled with Biocompatible Nanopar-ticulate Silver Containing Fillers for Highly Efficient Bactericidal Materials
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM08 (2013)
Zubar E.V., Efryushina N.P., Dotsenko V.P.  
Creating Properties of Eu3+-doped Calcium Hydroxyapatite as Biocompatible Fluorescent Probes
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM09 (2013)
Kondej D., Sosnowski T.R.  
The Influence of Montmorillonite Nanofillers on the Lung Surfactant
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM10 (2013)
Rasoolzadeh R.  
Computational Study of Amino Acids, Order to Simulation of Membrane Protein Channels Using by Theoretical Methods
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM11 (2013)
Ishihara M., Okawa S., Sato R., Hirasawa T., Teranishi T.  
Photoacoustic Signal Enhancement by Localized Surface Plasmon of Gold Nanoparticles
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM12 (2013)
Morozov V.N., Mikheev A.Y., Kanev I.L., Vladimirsky M.A.  
Generation and Collection of Biological Nanoaerosols
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM13 (2013)
Batsmanova L.M., Gonchar L.M., Taran N.Yu., Okanenko A.A.  
Using a Colloidal Solution of Metal Nanoparticles as Micronutrient Fertiliser for Cereals
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM14 (2013)
Kuznetsov V.N., Sukhodub L.B., Stanislavov A.S., Inshyna N.N., Kulak A.I., Sukhodub L.F.  
Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Composite for Biomedical Applications
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM15 (2013)
Kuznetsov V.N., Stanislavov A.S., Danilchenko S.N., Kalinkevich O.V., Kalinkevich A.N., Sukhodub L.F.  
Structural Properties of the Nanocrystallized Magnetite of Different Syntheses
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM16 (2013)
Kuznetsov V.N., Yanovska A.A., Stanislavov A.S., Danilchenko S.N., Sukhodub L.F.  
The Study of the Influence of Static Magnetic Field on Brushite Crystallization in the Presence of Magnesium
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM17 (2013)
Borodina T.N., Akasov R.A., Bukreeva T.V., Markvicheva E.A.  
Ultrasonically Assisted Preparation of Polysaccharide Microcontainers for Hydrophobic Drugs
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM18 (2013)
Gorshkova M.Yr., Volkova I.V., Grigorian E.S., Izumrudov V.A.  
Polyelectrolyte Nanocomplexes with pH-Controlled Solubility
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM19 (2013)
Musskaya O.N., Kulak A.I., Krutsko V.K., Ulasevich S.A., Lesnikovich L.A., Sukhodub L.F.  
The Influence of Ultrasound and Ultraviolet Irradiation on the Nanocomposite Calcium Phosphate-Polymer Gel
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM20 (2013)
Kalinichenko T.G., Danilchenko S.N.  
Nanoscale Apatite Biomaterials for Osteointegration
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM21 (2013)
Krylova N.G., Grushevskaya H.V., Lipnevich I.V., Orekhovskaya T.I., Egorov A.S., Egorova V.P., Govorov M.I., Kulahava T.A., Semenkova G.N., Shulitsky B.G., Ulashchik V.S., Vasiljev N.V.  
Cellular Adhesion to Carbon Nanotubes-Anchored Oligonucleotide: Electro-Chemical Detection
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM22 (2013)
Ko Y.M., Kim H.I., Kim K.H.  
Preosteoblast Cell Adhesion and Proliferation on Polycaprolactone (PCL) 3D Scaffolds with Hyaluronic Acid Nano Layer
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM23 (2013)
Soldatkin O.O., Kucherenko I.S., Ozansoy Kasap B., Akata Kurc B., Soldatkin A.P., Dzyadevych S.V.  
Conductometric Biosensor Based on Urease, Adsorbed on Silicalite for Determination of Urea in Serum Samples
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM24 (2013)
Khlebtsov B.N., Khanadeev V.A., Terentyuk G.S., Chumakov D.S., Basko M.V., Bucharskaya A.B., Genina E.A., Bashkatov A.N., Khlebtsov N.G.  
Mesoporous Silica and Composite Nanostructures for Theranostics
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM25 (2013)
Konovalova M.V., Khramova D.S., Ilyina A.V., Kurek D.V.  
Polysaccharides Based Composite Nanoparticles as Protein Oral Delivery System
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM26 (2013)
Grouzdev D.S., Dziuba M.V., Kurek D.V., Ovchinnikon A.I.  
The Method for Protein Display on the Surface of Bacterial Magnetic Nanoparticles
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM27 (2013)
Karpenko N.A., Malukin Yu.V., Koreneva E.M., Klochkov V.K., Kavok N.S., Smolenko N.P., Pochernyaeva S.S.  
The Effects of Chronic Intake of Nanoparticles of Cerium Dioxide or Gadolinium Ortovanadate into Aging Male Rats
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM28 (2013)
Badalyan A.Yu., Yushchenko O.V.  
Transformation of the Internal Energy of the Active Nanoparicles under Canonical Representation
Proc. NAP 2, 04NABM29 (2013)
Track: Nanomaterials for Energy Applications
Levitsky I.A.  
Carbon Nanotubes - Si Hybrid Solar Cells
Proc. NAP 2, 04NEA01 (2013)
Cucinotta F., Carniato F., Marchese L.  
Hybrid Photonic Antennae Based on Mesoporous Silica Frameworks
Proc. NAP 2, 04NEA02 (2013)
Zelinskyi S.A., Maletin Yu.A., Stryzhakova N.G., Tychyna S., Drobny D.M.  
Electrochemical Behavior of Carbon Electrodes as a Key to Supercapacitor Optimization
Proc. NAP 2, 04NEA03 (2013)
Morozov O.M., Kulish V.G., Zhurba V.I., Neklyudov I.M., Progolaieva V.O., Kuprin A.S., Lomino N.S., Ovcharenko V.D., Galitskiy O.G.  
Effects of Concentration Titanium on Threshold Character of Deuterium Desorption Temperature Range from Mg–based Composites
Proc. NAP 2, 04NEA04 (2013)
Murakami M., Tanaka M.  
High-Quality Mega-Electron Volt Proton Beams Generated by Nanotube Accelerators
Proc. NAP 2, 04NEA05 (2013)
Romanova I.V., Potapenko A.V., Chernukhin I.S., Rabadanov K.Sh., Gafurov M.M., Kirillov S.A.  
High-rate Electrochemical Performance of Nanosized LiNi0,5Mn1,5O4
Proc. NAP 2, 04NEA06 (2013)
Mishnaevsky Jr. L.L., Zhou H.W., Peng R.D., Dai G., Wang H.W.  
Polymer Nanocomposites for Wind Energy Applications: Perspectives and Computational Modeling
Proc. NAP 2, 04NEA07 (2013)
Suleimanov S.M., Khantimerov S.M., Faizrahmanov I.A., Abdullin D., Togulev P.N.  
New Materials Based on Carbon-Metal Nanocomposites for Supercapacitor Application
Proc. NAP 2, 04NEA08 (2013)
Yarmolenko O.V., Baskakov S.A., Shulga Y.M., Vengrus P.I., Efimov O.N.  
Supercapacitors Based on Composite Polyaniline / Reduced Graphene Oxide With Network Nanocomposite Polymer Electrolyte
Proc. NAP 2, 04NEA09 (2013)
Yarmolenko O.V., Yudina A.V., Tulibaeva G.Z., Cherniak A.V., Volkov V.I., Shestakov A.F.  
Influence of Inorganic Nano-powders on the Structure and Conductive Properties of the Network Polymer Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries
Proc. NAP 2, 04NEA10 (2013)
Protsenko Z.M.  
Technology Features an Electrochemical Obtain Powdered Zirconium
Proc. NAP 2, 04NEA11 (2013)
Usenko A., Khovaylo V.V., Voronin A.I., Korotitsky A.V., Karpenkov D.Yu., Maradudina O.N.  
Study of Compacting Methods for Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials Based on Si-Ge and Half -Heusler Alloys.
Proc. NAP 2, 04NEA12 (2013)
Voronin A.I., Usenko A.A., Korotitsky A.V., Karpenkov D.U., Maradudina O.N., Khovaylo V.V.  
Thermoelectric Properties of Si-Ge Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying
Proc. NAP 2, 04NEA13 (2013)
Aseev V.A., Kolobkova E.V., Nekrasova Ya.A., Nikonorov N.V., Nuryev R.K., Rokhmin A.S.  
Up-conversion and IR Luminescence of Ytterbium–Erbium Oxyfluoride Silicate Glassceramics
Proc. NAP 2, 04NEA14 (2013)
Kulkova S.E., Bakulin A.V., Kulkov S.S., Hocker S., Schmauder S.  
The Influence of Interstitial Impurities (H, B, C) on Grain Boundary Cohesion in B2 Ti-based Alloys
Proc. NAP 2, 04NEA15 (2013)
Dobrozhan O.A., Berestok T.O., Kurbatov D.I., Opanasyuk A.S., Opanasyuk N.M., Nefedchenko V.F.  
Optical Losses of Thin Solar Cells on the Basis of n-ZnS / p-CdTe and n-CdS / p-CdTe Heterojunctions
Proc. NAP 2, 04NEA16 (2013)
Drobny D.M., Tychyna S.A., Maletin Yu.A., Stryzhakova N.G., Zelinskyi S.A.  
Methods for Manufacturing Carbon Electrodes for Supercapacitors: Pros and Cons
Proc. NAP 2, 04NEA17 (2013)

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