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Track: Properties and Characterizations of Surfaces and Interfaces

Track: Properties and Charecterisation of Surfaces and Interfaces
Salavati-Niasari M., Sabet M.  
Using Simple Hydrothermal Method for Synthesis of CaCO3 Plate-like Nanostructures
Proc. NAP 3, 01PCSI01 (2014)
Salavati-Niasari M., Sabet M.  
Simple Hydrothermal Method for Preparation of CoS2 Nanostructures with Different Morphologies
Proc. NAP 3, 01PCSI02 (2014)
Bezdetko Yu.S., Klyuev V.G.  
Formation of Intrinsic Defects in the Growth of CdS Nanocrystals
Proc. NAP 3, 01PCSI03 (2014)
Polyakov P.I., Ryumshyna T., Taranets R.M.  
Theory of the Scope Change under Magnetic Field, Temperature and Stress.
Proc. NAP 3, 01PCSI04 (2014)
Dyachenko A., Opanasuyk A., Kurbatov D., Bolshanina S., Kuznetsov V.  
Structural Properties of Magnesium Oxide Thin Films Deposited by Spray Pyrolysis Technique
Proc. NAP 3, 01PCSI05 (2014)
Tereshkina K., Kuznetsov V.M.  
Fractal Continual Model of Matter for Classification of Nanostructures, Clusters and Massive Bodies
Proc. NAP 3, 01PCSI06 (2014)
Demchuk V.B.  
An Interface Phenomenon in Polymer Matrix Composites Induced by Influence of Constant Magnetic Fields
Proc. NAP 3, 01PCSI07 (2014)
Rao D.N., Kuladeep R., Jyothi L.  
Femtosecond Laser Micro/nano Machining on Metallic and Semiconductor Materials
Proc. NAP 3, 01PCSI08 (2014)
Nikonchuk I.S., Chumakov A.I., Poklonski N., Gorbachuk N., Obukhov V.  
Laser-induced Formation of Conductive Structures on Diamond-like Carbon Films
Proc. NAP 3, 01PCSI09 (2014)
Olikhovskii S., Skakunova O., Molodkin V., Lizunov V., Kyslovs'kyy Ye., Vladimirova T., Reshetnyk O., Pylypiv V., Kotsyubynsky V., Ostafiychuk B., Yaremiy I., Garpul O.  
X-Ray Diffraction Characterization of Nanoscale Strains and Defects in Yttrium Iron Garnet Films Implanted with Fluorine Ions
Proc. NAP 3, 01PCSI10 (2014)
Romakh V.V., Fitio V.M.  
Determination of Wavelengths Which Correspond to Taken Propagation Constant of Planar Waveguide by Wave Equation Fourier Transform Method
Proc. NAP 3, 01PCSI11 (2014)
Bagabas A., Alshammari A., Köckritz A., Kalevaru V.N., Martin A.  
Supported Gold Nanoparticles for the Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol to Benzaldehyde
Proc. NAP 3, 01PCSI12 (2014)
Demianenko A., Partyka J., Belovol K.O.  
Structural Features Amorphous-like Coatings AlN-TiB2-TiSi2 After Annealing (900, 1300)ВєC and their Impact on Physical and Mechanical Properties Changes
Proc. NAP 3, 01PCSI13 (2014)
Kushnir B., Boledzyuk V.B., Shevchenko A.D.  
The Effect of the Introduction of Ni2+ Ions on the Electrical and Magnetic Properties of InSe Layered Crystals
Proc. NAP 3, 01PCSI14 (2014)
Kalinichenko A.I., Kozionov S.A., Perepelkin S.S., Strel'nitskij V.E.  
Intrinsic Stress Formation at Plasma-Ion Deposition of TiN Coatings in Pulse Potential Mode
Proc. NAP 3, 01PCSI15 (2014)
Khomenko A., Troshchenko D.S., Boyko D.V., Zaharov M.V.  
Thermodynamics of Fragmentation of Solids at Severe Plastic Deformation
Proc. NAP 3, 01PCSI16 (2014)
Track: Nanostructured Thin Films
Burbaev T.M., Kozyrev D.S., Sibeldin N.N., Skorikov M.L.  
Two-Dimensional Electron-Hole Liquid in Systems of Spatially Direct and Indirect Excitons in Si/SiGe Heterostructures
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF01 (2014)
Buryk I.P., Ivashchenko M.M., Sheshenia L.A.  
Structural and Electro-physical Properties of Heterogenous Film Materials Based on Refractory Metals
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF02 (2014)
Khaustova A.N., Tsaglov A.I., Khaustova A.N.  
Thermal Conditions of Technological Plasma Sources Cathodes
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF03 (2014)
Umerova S., Dulina I.O., Ragulya A.V.  
Formation Features of Thin Bilayer Objects «Conductor - Dielectric» Obtained by Screen Printing Method
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF04 (2014)
Gryschuk O., Bibyk V.V., Grychanovs'ka T.M.  
Dimensional Effects in Strain-sensitivity Film Systems Based on Ni and Ag
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF05 (2014)
Grychanovska T.M., Sheshenia L.A., Lytvynenko Ia.M., Bibyk V.V.  
Magnetooptical Properties of Film Systems Based on Ferromagnetic Materials
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF06 (2014)
Morozov O.M., Neklyudov I.M.  
Structural Transformations in Ni at the Implantation C+ Ions
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF07 (2014)
Odnodvorets L.V.  
Influence of Magnetic Field on Thermal Coefficient of Resistance of the Granular Film Alloys
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF08 (2014)
Odnodvorets L.V., Protsenko I.Yu., Shabelnyk Yu.M., Shumakova M.O., Sumakova N.I.  
Phenomenological Theory of Strain Effect in Granular Film Alloys
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF09 (2014)
Berestok T., Opanasyuk A., Opanasyuk N., Gnatenko Yu.  
Structural Properties of Chemically-Deposited ZnOxS1-x Solid Solutions
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF10 (2014)
Manko N.N., Lyashenko I.  
Phase Dynamic of Shear Melting
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF11 (2014)
Kozak A., Porada O., Ivashchenko V., Ivashchenko L., Tomila T.  
Effect of Substrate Temperature on the Properties of PECVD SiCN Films
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF12 (2014)
Protsenko I.Yu., Hrychanovs'ka O.A., Karpenko K.H., Odnodvorets L.V., Panchal C.J., Kher V.H., Mehta P.K., Poduremne D.V.  
Thermoresistive Properties of Film Systems with Elements of Granular State
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF13 (2014)
Gheorghii C.V., Postica V., Ababii N., Sontea V., Lupan O.  
Hydrogen Gas Response of Zn1-xAgxOy and Cu1-xZnxOy Nanostructured Films
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF14 (2014)
Vlachos D., Giotopoulou E., Kamaratos M.  
Adsorption of Water on a Cesium Covered SrTiO3 (100) Surface
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF15 (2014)
Sarikov A.  
Mechanisms of the Phase Separation of Nonstoichiometric Si Oxide Films: What Can One Learn From Thermodynamics?
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF16 (2014)
Ivashchenko V., Skrynskyy P.L., Kozak A.O., Pogrebnjak A.D., Timofeyeva I.I., Dub S.N.  
Structural and Mechanical Properties of Nanocomposite Nb-Al-N Films
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF17 (2014)
Zaskoka A.M., Lyashenko I.  
The Viscosity Temperature Dependence in the Boundary Friction Model under a Periodic External Action
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF18 (2014)
Bagdasaryan A.A., Bilokur M.O.  
Analysis of Morphology and Elemental Composition of (Ti-Zr-Hf-V-Nb)N High-entropy Alloys
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF19 (2014)
Sieryk M., Dimitriev O., Doroshenko T., Grytsenko K., Kachkovsky O.  
Effect of the Electric Field on Ordering of Copper Phthalocyanine Films at the Molecular and Nano-scale
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF20 (2014)
Kostenko M.V., Manko A.V., Cheshko I.V.  
Sensitive Elements of Magnetic Field Sensors Formation as Spin-Valve Type Multilayer Structures Based on Co and Cu
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF21 (2014)
Ivashchenko V., Lytvyn O., Scrynskyy P., Rogoz V., Sobol' O.V., Kuzmenko A.P.  
Structure and Properties NbN and Nb-Si-N Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF22 (2014)
Bondar O.V., Pogrebnjak A.D., Abadias G., Eyidi D., Zhollybekov B.  
Properties of Multilayered Nanoscale TiN/MoN Coatings, Fabricated Using Arc Evaporation
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF23 (2014)
Znamenshchykov Ya.V., Kosyak V.V., Opanasyuk A.S., Stanislavov A., Kuznetsov V., Gnatenko Yu.P.  
Effect of Substrate Temperature on the Structural Properties of CdxZn1-xTe Films Grown by Close-Spaced Sublimation Method
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF24 (2014)
Komarov F., Vlasukova L.A., Parkhomenko I.N., Milchanin O.V., Togambaeva A.K., Udovichenko S.Yu., Misiyuk K.V.  
Phase Transformation in the Annealed Si-Rich SiNx Films Studied by Raman Scattering
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF25 (2014)
Vozny A.A., Kosyak V.V., Opanasyuk A.S., Kuznetsov V.M.  
Structural Properties of the SnxSy Films Obtained by the Thermal Vacuum Co-evaporation
Proc. NAP 3, 01NTF26 (2014)
Track: Functional Nanostructured Coatings
Malynych S.Z., Yeshchenko O., Bondarchuk I., Galabura Yu., Chumanov G., Luzinov I.  
Optical Properties of Multilayered Metal-Dielectric Structures Containing Silver Nanoparticles
Proc. NAP 3, 01FNC01 (2014)
Veprek S.  
The Search for New Super- and Ultrahard Materials: Go Nano!
Proc. NAP 3, 01FNC02 (2014)
Hontañón E., Feng J., Blanes M., Guo X., Santos L., Schmidt-Ott A., Nirschl H., Kruis F.E.  
Aerosol Route to Antibacterial Nanosilver Coating of Cotton Fabrics
Proc. NAP 3, 01FNC03 (2014)
Sobol' O.V., Shovkoplyas O.A., Beresnev V.M., Kovaleva M.G.  
Effect of Composition on Structure and Mechanical Properties of Ion-plasma Coatings of Quasi-binary System TiB2-WB2
Proc. NAP 3, 01FNC04 (2014)
Shovkoplyas O., Sobol' O.  
Influence of Thermal Factor and Radiation Processing on the Structure and Stress State of TiC-WC System Ion-plasma Coatings
Proc. NAP 3, 01FNC05 (2014)
Postolnyi B.O., Bondar O.V., Kravchenko Yu.A., Shypylenko A.P., Sobol' O.V., Beresnev V.M., Wegierek P., Smirnova K., Kravchenko Ya.  
Structure and Properties of Superhard (Zr-Ti-Cr-Nb)N Coatings
Proc. NAP 3, 01FNC06 (2014)
Agulov A.V., Vasileva L.V., Goncharov A.A., Stupak V.A., Petukhov V.V.  
Research of Thermal Stability of Tapes of Diboride of Hafnium and Receipt of Optimization Model of Cutting Process
Proc. NAP 3, 01FNC07 (2014)
Azarenkov M., Beresnev V.M., Nyemchenko U.S., Lytovchenko S.V.  
High Entropy Alloys Based on Nitrides of Refractory Metals - a New Solution for Protective Coatings on the Instruments Working at High Temperatures
Proc. NAP 3, 01FNC08 (2014)
Track: Plasma and Ions for Surface Engineering. Radiations Effects
Zhao Ya., Lang W.C., Xiao J.Q., Yu B.H., Gong J., Sun C.  
Development of Magnetic Field-enhanced Vacuum Arc Deposition in China
Proc. NAP 3, 01PISERE01 (2014)
Kozadaev K.V., Novikau A.G., Mikitchuk E.P., Migutskiy A.N.  
Formation of Pt Cone-shaped Nanostructures by Laser Synthesis
Proc. NAP 3, 01PISERE02 (2014)
Baranov O.  
Deposition of Uniform Vacuum Arc Coatings by Use of Magnetic Traps for Plasma Electrons
Proc. NAP 3, 01PISERE03 (2014)
Komarov A.F., Zayats G.M., Komarov F.F., Miskiewicz S.A., Michailov V.V.  
Simulation of Radiation Effects in SiO2/Si Structures
Proc. NAP 3, 01PISERE04 (2014)
Track: Magnetic Fine Paricles and Multilayers
Lyutyy T.V., Denisov S.I., Reva V.V.  
Brownian Rotational Motion of Ferromagnetic Nanoparticle in Liquid
Proc. NAP 3, 01MFPM01 (2014)
Dudchenko N., Brik A., Stych O.  
Nanomagnetite Synthesis Via Co-precipitation of Iron Salts by Potassium and Ammonium Hydroxides
Proc. NAP 3, 01MFPM02 (2014)
Kholod T.S., Buryk I.P., Grychanovs'ka T.M., Kostenko M.V.  
Phase Composition and Magnetic Resistive Properties of Ni and Au Based Films Systems
Proc. NAP 3, 01MFPM03 (2014)
Lyutyy T.V., Podosynna A.V.  
Ferrofluid Heating by a Rotating Field: Noise-Free Limit
Proc. NAP 3, 01MFPM04 (2014)
Track: Carbon Based Nanoscale Materials
Karaush N.N., Baryshnikov G.V., Minaev B.F.  
New 1D and 2D Nanoscaled Materials Based on the Tetraoxa[8]circulene Monomer
Proc. NAP 3, 01CBNM01 (2014)
Borysiuk V., Mochalin V.N., Gogotsi Y.  
Molecular Dynamics Study of the Mechanical Properties of the Grapheme-like Titanium Carbide Ti2C
Proc. NAP 3, 01CBNM02 (2014)

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