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Track: Nanoparticle and Nanodevice Production Technology
Salavati-Niasari M., Gholamrezaei S.  
Investigation of Presence Different Surfactant on Morphologies of PbTe Nanostructures
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNPT01 (2014)
Dulina I., Lobunets T., Klochkov L., Ragulya A.  
Features of Ni/NiO Nanopowder Synthesis by Thermal Decomposition of Nickel Acetate Amines: Effect of Annealing Temperature and Duration and Ammonia Content on Powder Composition and Particle Size
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNPT02 (2014)
Soofivand F., Tavakoli F., Salavati-Niasari M.  
Synthesis and Characterization of Zn(acac)2 One-dimensional Nanostructures by Novel Method
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNPT03 (2014)
Yushchenko O., Badalyan A.Yu.  
Kinetics of the Active Nanoparticles
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNPT04 (2014)
Holovchenko A., Koole M., Burzuri E., van der Zant H.  
Fabrication of a Few-Layer Graphene Electrodes for Molecular Electronics Devices
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNPT05 (2014)
Doussineau T., Dugourd P., Antoine R.  
When Mass Spectrometry Meets Nanoparticles. Weighing, Manipulating and Fragmenting Single Nanoparticles in the Gas Phase
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNPT06 (2014)
Tarasenko N.V., Burakov V.S., Nedelko M.I., Nevar A.A., Tarasenka N.N., Butsen A.V.  
Laser and Plasma Assisted Fabrication of Nanoparticles in Liquids
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNPT07 (2014)
Alshammari A., Bagabas A., Azahrani A.Y., Asulami M., AL-Ghaihab A.  
Dependence of ZnO Morphology on Zn2+ Concentration
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNPT08 (2014)
Track: Measurement and Analysis of Nanoscale
Gromov V.E., Volkov K.V., Morozov K.V., Konovalov S.V., Alsaraeva K.V., Fefilova A., Semina O.A.  
Nanostructure Formation in Superior Quality Rails
Proc. NAP 3, 02MAN01 (2014)
Rastar A., Hoseinpour A.  
Estimation of Coloration Properties of PA6/TiO2 Nanocomposites Based on Combined Light Scattering Theories
Proc. NAP 3, 02MAN02 (2014)
Brajpuriya R.K., Vyas A.  
Thickness Dependent Structural, Magnetic and Transport Properties of of Cu/Co Thin Film and Multilayer Structures
Proc. NAP 3, 02MAN03 (2014)
Yeshchenko O., Bondarchuk I.S., Kozachenko V.V., Losytskyy M.Yu.  
Surface Plasmon Enhanced Photoluminescence of Rhodamine 6G on Au Nanoparticles 2D Array: Temperature Effects
Proc. NAP 3, 02MAN04 (2014)
Yushchenko O., Yurko D.S.  
Description of Intermittent Plastic Flow
Proc. NAP 3, 02MAN05 (2014)
Buh J., Mihailović D., Jagličič Z., Mrzel A., Kovič A.  
Template Synthesis of MoN Superconducting Nanowires
Proc. NAP 3, 02MAN06 (2014)
Yushchenko O., Zhylenko T.I.  
Influence of the Fluctuations of the Temperature on the Quasi Equilibrium Condensation
Proc. NAP 3, 02MAN07 (2014)
Solovyova A.  
Modeling of the Mechanism of Phase Transitions in ZrO2 with small Additions of In2O3 at High Temperatures in a Vacuum
Proc. NAP 3, 02MAN08 (2014)
Kuzema O., Kuzema P.  
Prism Magnetic Mass Analyzer with Parallel Ion Beam
Proc. NAP 3, 02MAN09 (2014)
Klym H., Ingram A., Hadzaman I., Shpotyuk O.  
Positron Trapping Processes in Temperature-Sensitive Thick- film Structures
Proc. NAP 3, 02MAN10 (2014)
Kobets A.G., Horodek P.R., Lytvynenko V.V., Lonin U.F., Ponomarev A.G., Startsev O.A., Uvarov V.T.  
Modification of Aluminum Alloy 1933 by the High-Current Electron Beam Irradiation
Proc. NAP 3, 02MAN11 (2014)
Track: Nanopolymers and Nanocomposites: Synthesis and Applications
Tolstov A.  
Studying an effect of Polyurethane Functionality Directed Stabilization of Silver Nanoparticles as a Pathway for Manufacturing Modern Antimicrobial Materials
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNSA01 (2014)
Malysheva T.  
Interfacial Interactions in Polyurethane Elastomer - Poly(vinyl chloride) Blends
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNSA02 (2014)
Borova S.H., Shevchuk O.M., Bukartyk N.M., Nikitishyn E.Yu., Tokarev V.S.  
Nanocomposite Films Based on Functional Copolymers with Embedded Carbon Nanotubes
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNSA03 (2014)
Noskov A.V., Alekseeva O.V., Bagrovskaya N.A.  
Study of Hybrid Polystyrene Materials with Incorporated Fullerene Nanoparticles
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNSA04 (2014)
Prevenslik T.V.  
Polymer Nanocomposites by QED Induced EUV Cross-linking
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNSA05 (2014)
Trofymchuk I.M., Roik N.V., Belyakova L.A.  
Effect of ОІ-cyclodextrin Attendance on Hexagonal Ordering of MCM-41 Silicas
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNSA06 (2014)
Woo K.-D., Kim D.-G., Kang D.-S., Lee T., Lee H.-C.  
Microstructure, Mechanical Property and Biocompatibility of Porous Ti-Nb-Zr Alloys Fabricated by Rapid Sintering using Space Holder
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNSA07 (2014)
S. Bishnoi B., Mehta P.K., Panchal C.J., Desai M.S., Kher V.H., Velykodnyi D.V., Protsenko I.Yu.  
Dielectric Relaxation in Sr(Co1/3Nb2/3)O3 Compound - a Candidate for Microwave Applications
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNSA08 (2014)
Turbin P.V., Shamshurov A.V., Hudasov I., Beresnev V.M., Volovicheva N.A.  
Foam-Glass Modified By Technological Nano-additive
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNSA09 (2014)
Turbin P.V., Smolikov A.A., Vezentsev A.I., Beresnev V.M., Pavlenko V.I., Solokcha A.S.  
Properties of Isomorphs Analogs of Chrysotile
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNSA10 (2014)
Bishchaniuk T., Ivashchyshyn F., Balaban O., Grygorchak I.  
The Thermo- and Magnetogalvanic Phenomena in Nanohybrid Clathrates and their Practical Application
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNSA11 (2014)
Kovaleva M., Tyurin Y., Arseenko M.Y., Prozorova M.S., Sirota V.V., Beresnev B.M., Pavlenko I.A., Mamunin K.N.  
Deposition and Characterization of NiCoCrAlY Coatings by Multi-chamber Detonation Sprayer
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNSA12 (2014)
Olenych I.B., Aksimentyeva O.I., Karbovnyk I.D., Olenych Yu.I., Yarytska L.I.  
Preparation and Properties of Hybrid Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-Carbon Nanotubes Composites
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNSA13 (2014)
Kryklia S., Samchenko Yu.M., Poltoratska T.P., Konovalova V.V.  
pH-sensitive Hybrid Hydrogel Materials with Incorporated Nanoparticles
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNSA14 (2014)
Yanovska A., Stanislavov A., Sukhodub L., Kuznetzov V., Sukhodub L.  
Alginate-hydroxyapatite Beads for Medical Application
Proc. NAP 3, 02NNSA15 (2014)
Track: Nanomaterials for Energy Applications
Salavati-Niasari M., Sabet M.  
Using Simple Microwave Approach for Synthesize of CuInS2 Nanostructures and Investigation of their Performance in Solar Cells
Proc. NAP 3, 02NEA01 (2014)
Mazinov A.S.-A., Shevchenko A.I.  
Examination of Absorption Spectra of Amorphous Silicon in the Infrared Range
Proc. NAP 3, 02NEA02 (2014)
Ptitsin V.E.  
New Approach to the Thermal-to-Electrical Energy Conversion Problem on a basis of the Thermal Field Emission Phenomenon
Proc. NAP 3, 02NEA03 (2014)
Ptitsin V.E.  
Energy Conversion of an Environmental Thermal (T~300K) Energy into Electrical Energy by Nanoscale Field Emission Systems
Proc. NAP 3, 02NEA04 (2014)
Malynych S.Z., Dmitruk I., Grabovskyi E., Kravets V., Pinchuk A.  
Light Scattering by Silver Nanoparticles in Colloid Solutions for Improved Photovoltaic Devices
Proc. NAP 3, 02NEA05 (2014)
Dobrozhan O.A., Opanasyuk A.S., Nefedchenko V.F.  
Recombination Losses in Solar Cells Based on n-ZnS(n-CdS) / p-CdTe Heterojunctions
Proc. NAP 3, 02NEA06 (2014)
Dimitriev O.A., Grynko D.A., Fedoryak O.M., Kratzer M., Smirnov O.B., Smertenko P.S.  
Piezoelectric Response of Cadmium Sulfide Nanorod Crystals Grown from Gas Phase by Using Ag and Au Catalyst
Proc. NAP 3, 02NEA07 (2014)
Semenchuk I.I.  
Activated Carbon Based Supercapacitors
Proc. NAP 3, 02NEA08 (2014)
Jamil N., Najim S.A., Muhammed A.M., Rogoz V.M.  
Preparation, Structural and Optical Characterization of ZnO/Ag Thin Film by CVD
Proc. NAP 3, 02NEA09 (2014)
Track: Nanomaterials Applications in Biotechnologies and Medicine
Bayat Jozani M., Khatibzadeh M., Hashemi A.  
Comparison of Antibacterial Activity of Green Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles with Different Morphologies, Using MIC Method
Proc. NAP 3, 02NABM01 (2014)
Prokhorov D.I., Antyasova M.N., Groza N.V., Kapitza I.G.  
Development and Investigation of Emulsion Form for Antiepileptic Drug Carbamazepine
Proc. NAP 3, 02NABM02 (2014)
Kuznetsov V.N., Sukhodub L.B., Sukhodub L.F.  
The Study of the Alginate / Hydroxyapatite Composites Structural Properties
Proc. NAP 3, 02NABM03 (2014)
Track: Nanomaterials Applications in Electronics, Spintronics and Photonics
Kruglyak Yu.A.  
Landauer-Datta-Lundstrom Generalized Transport Model for Nanoelectronics
Proc. NAP 3, 02NAESF01 (2014)
Kruglyak Yu.A.  
Heat Transfer by Phonons in Landauer-Datta-Lundstrom Approach
Proc. NAP 3, 02NAESF02 (2014)
Shelykh I., Kyriienko O., Kristinsson K., Liew T.  
THz Emission from Dipolariton Systems
Proc. NAP 3, 02NAESF03 (2014)
Ahmed A., Gajbhiye Namdeo S.  
Intrinsic Ferromagnetic Behavior in Fe-doped Cu2O Octahedra Due to Cation Vacancy Defects
Proc. NAP 3, 02NAESF04 (2014)
Maksimchuk P., Masalov A.A.  
Optically Detected Effect of Size on the Oxygen Vacancies Concentration in Cerium Oxide Nanocrystals
Proc. NAP 3, 02NAESF05 (2014)
Kholghi Eshkalak S., Khatibzadeh M.  
A Review In Preparation of Electronic Ink for Electrophoretic Displays
Proc. NAP 3, 02NAESF06 (2014)
Yaremchuk I., Fitio V., Romakch V., Bobitski Ya.  
One-dimensional Stationary Schrodinger Equation with the Fourier Transformation
Proc. NAP 3, 02NAESF07 (2014)
Nevinskiy D.V., Pavlysh V.A., Zakalyk L.I., Lebid S.Y., Korzh H.I.  
Surface Plasmon-Polariton in X-Shaped Waveguides
Proc. NAP 3, 02NAESF08 (2014)
Adamchuk O., Druzhinin A.A., Yerokhov V.Yu., Ostrovskii I.P., Khoverko Yu.N., Berezhanskyi Ye.I.  
Photovoltaic Cells based on Textured Silicon
Proc. NAP 3, 02NAESF09 (2014)
Kouhar V.V., Malashkevich G.E., Khodasevich I.A., Pestryakov E.V.  
Structure and Anti-Stokes Luminescence of Yb-containing Glass Co-doped with Eu, Ho and Er
Proc. NAP 3, 02NAESF10 (2014)
Malashkevich G.E., Khottchenkova T.G., Kouhar V.V., Sigaev V.N., Pestryakov E.V.  
Optical Materials Activated with CeO2:Ln3+ Nanoparticles
Proc. NAP 3, 02NAESF11 (2014)

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