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Track: Properties and Charecterisation of Surfaces and Interfaces
Molina-Contreras J.R., Frausto-Reyes C., Medel-Ruíz C.I., Ladrón de Guevara H.P.  
CdTe Raman Line Shape in Resonance: a Space Correlation Zone Study
Proc. NAP 4, 01PCSI01 (2015)
Shyrokorad D.V., Kornich G.V.  
Molecular-Dynamics Simulation of Metal Atomic Clusters under Low-Energy Bombardment
Proc. NAP 4, 01PCSI02 (2015)
Skakunova O.S., Lizunova S.V., Olikhovskii S.I., Len E.G., Molodkin V.B., Klad’ko V.P., Kyslovs’kyy Ye.M., Sheludchenko B.V.  
Dynamical X-Ray Diffraction Characterization of the Self-Organized Quantum Dot Formation In Imperfect Semiconductor Superlattices
Proc. NAP 4, 01PCSI03 (2015)
Singh V., Singh D., Kumar S., Maan A.S  
Structural and Morphological Study of Nickel Doped Tin Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesized Via Sol-Gel Technique
Proc. NAP 4, 01PCSI04 (2015)
Olikhovskii S.I., Skakunova O.S., Molodkin V.B., Len’ E.G., Ostafiychuk B.K., Pylypiv V.M.  
Simulation of Reciprocal Space Maps for Thin Ion-Implanted Layers in Yttrium-Iron Garnet Films with Defects
Proc. NAP 4, 01PCSI05 (2015)
Danylov A.B.  
Reflection Spectra Simulation for Flat and Patterned Surfaces of CdTe Solar Elements
Proc. NAP 4, 01PCSI06 (2015)
Bokun G., Groda Ya., Lasovsky R., Vikhrenko V.  
Charge Distribution Around Nanoscale Nonhomogeneities in Solid State Ionics
Proc. NAP 4, 01PCSI07 (2015)
Track: Nanostructured Thin Films
Kosar S., Pihosh Yu., Turkevych I., Mawatari K., Uemura J., Kazoe Yu., Makita K., Sugaya T., Fujita D., Tosa M., Struk Ya.M., Kondo M., Kitamori T.  
Water Splitting Photovoltaic-Photoelectrochemical GaAs/InGaAsP - WO3/BiVO4 Tandem Cell with Extremely Thin Absorber Photoanode Structure
Proc. NAP 4, 01NTF01 (2015)
Chaieb A., Bourbia N., Bacha R., Boukrouh S., Chari A.  
CuO Elaboration and Studies of the Influence of Heat Treatment on the Structural Properties
Proc. NAP 4, 01NTF02 (2015)
Kumar S., Kundu V., Vohra A.  
Fabrication and Characterization of Mg- and Hg-doped CdS Nanostructured Thin Films Deposited by Chemical Bath Deposition
Proc. NAP 4, 01NTF03 (2015)
Kushnerov O.I., Bashev V.F.  
Structure and mechanical properties of Al-Co-Cr-Fe-Mn-Ni-Si-V high-entropy films obtained by splat-quenching
Proc. NAP 4, 01NTF04 (2015)
Jergel M., Šiffalovič P., Végsö K., Majková E., Roth S., Konovalov O., Lee H.-Y.  
Grazing-incidence Small-angle X-ray Scattering Technique for Probing Nanostructures and Processes at Nanoscale
Proc. NAP 4, 01NTF05 (2015)
Grischuk O.S., Holod Т.S., Grychanovska T.M.  
Strain Properties of Thin Films Based on Ni and Ag in External Magnetic Field
Proc. NAP 4, 01NTF06 (2015)
Ivashchenko V.V., Scrynskyy P.L., Dub S.N., Tomofeeva I.I., Butenko O.O., Kozak A.O.  
AlMgB14-Based Films Prepared by Magnetron Sputtering at Various Substrate Temperatures
Proc. NAP 4, 01NTF07 (2015)
Protsenko S.I., Hrychanovs’ka O.A., Odnodvorets L.V., Protsenko I.Yu., Shumakova M.O.  
Тemperature and Concentration Dependences of Anisotropic Magnetoresistance Film Materials
Proc. NAP 4, 01NTF08 (2015)
Kozak A.O., Porada O.K., Ivashchenko V.I., Dub S.M., Pogrebnjak A.D.  
Hard Si-C-N Chemical Vapor Deposited Films
Proc. NAP 4, 01NTF09 (2015)
Perekrestov V.I., Zahaiko I.V., Kosminska Yu.O.  
Regularities of Ultrathin Silver Films Formation on Cleaved KCl Facets
Proc. NAP 4, 01NTF10 (2015)
Perekrestov V.I., Natalich V.V., Kornyushchenko A.S.  
Formation of Ordered Zinc Nanosystems under Near Equilibrium Condensation Using Alumina Membranes as Templates for Deposition
Proc. NAP 4, 01NTF11 (2015)
Bondar O.V., Postolnyi B.O., Grankin S.S., Beresnev V.M., Stolbovoy V.A., Zhollybekov B., Koltunowicz T.N.  
Structure and Mechanical Properties of Multilayered Nanostructured TiN/ZrN Ion-plasma Coatings
Proc. NAP 4, 01NTF12 (2015)
Ivashchenko V.I., Skrynskiy P.L., Rogoz V.V., Kupchishin A.I., Węgierek P.  
Analysis of the Influence of Deposition Conditions on the Structure of the Coating Nb-Al-N
Proc. NAP 4, 01NTF13 (2015)
Shabelnyk Yu.M., Cheshko I.V., Pazukha I.M., Protsenko I.Yu.  
Electrophysical Properties of Granular Film Alloys Based on Fe and Ag or Au
Proc. NAP 4, 01NTF14 (2015)
Dyachenko O.V., Opanasuyk A.S., Salohub A.O., Nam D., Cheong H., Gnatenko Yu.P.  
Structural Features of Nanostructured Copper Oxide Thin Films, Synthesized by Spray Pyrolysis Technique
Proc. NAP 4, 01NTF15 (2015)
Znamenshchykov Ya.V., Kosyak V.V., Opanasyuk A.S., Fochuk P.M.  
Effect of Laser Annealing on the Properties of the Surface of Polycrystalline CdZnTe Thick Film
Proc. NAP 4, 01NTF16 (2015)
Track: Functional Nanostructured Coatings
Beresnev V.M., Sobol' O.V., Pogrebnjak A.D., Nyemchenko U.S., Grankin S.S., Stolbovoy V.A., Turbin P.V., Meylehov A.A., Arseenko M.Ju.  
About Peculiarities of the Influence of the Negative Bias Potential Applied to the Substrate During the Deposition Process on the Structural State and Properties of the Multilayer system MoN-CrN
Proc. NAP 4, 01FNC01 (2015)
Ovcharenko A.P., Bilozertseva V.I., Gaman D.A., Durdyeva L.  
Simulation of Broadband Antireflection Coatings at Oblique Incidence of Light
Proc. NAP 4, 01FNC02 (2015)
Track: Plasma and Ions for Surface Engineering. Radiations Effects
Valko N., Anufric S., Ivanov A., Vasiliev S.  
Laser Modification of the Microstructure of Zn-Co Electroplating Alloys
Proc. NAP 4, 01PISERE01 (2015)
Bondar O.V., Demianenko A.O., Goncharov A.A., Partyka J., Borba S.  
Ion Recrystallization and Spheroidization in Amorphous AlN-TiB2-TiSi2 as a Result of Annealing and Subsequent Implantation by Negative ion Au –
Proc. NAP 4, 01PISERE02 (2015)
Track: Nanoparticle and Nanodevice Production Technology
Salavati-Niasari M., Zinatloo-Ajabshir S.  
Facile Surfactant-Free Preparation, Characterization and Investigation of Optical Properties of Zirconia Nanostructures
Proc. NAP 4, 01NNPT01 (2015)
Kharlamov A., Bondarenko M., Kharlamova G., Fomenko V.  
Direct Synthesis of O-doped Carbon Nitride and Oxide of Graphite-like Carbon Nitride from Melamine
Proc. NAP 4, 01NNPT02 (2015)
Dutka R.M., Adamiv V.T., Demchenko P.Yu., Gamernyk R.V., Kulyk Yu.O., Teslyuk I.M.  
Determination of Sizes of Ag Nanoparticles in Glass Li2B4O7:Ag,Gd
Proc. NAP 4, 01NNPT03 (2015)
Saramad S., Zarei H., Eskandari K.  
A Novel Nanowire Metal Converter for Improvement the Efficiency of the Gas-filled Radiation Detectors
Proc. NAP 4, 01NNPT04 (2015)
El-Safty S.A., Shenashen M.A.  
Visual Detection and Recovery of Mercury in Water and Blood Samples Using Nano-membrane Tubular Architectures
Proc. NAP 4, 01NNPT05 (2015)
Lobunets T.F., Ragulya A.V., Dulina I.O.  
Relationships Between Pore Structure, Free Carbon Content, Particle Size Distribution and Deposition Stage of Ni/NiO Nanopowers
Proc. NAP 4, 01NNPT06 (2015)
Track: Measurement and Analysis of Nanoscale
Haba D., Barbezat M., Brunner A.J.  
AFM Investigation of Epoxy Fracture Surfaces Indicating Nanoplasticity
Proc. NAP 4, 01MAN01 (2015)
Miyazawa K., Konno T., Ren L., Ferreira E.H. Martins, Piao G., García J.M., Suárez F.M., Jimenez-Sandoval S.J., Wakahara T.  
Raman Spectroscopic Measurement of a Vacuum-Deposited C60 Thin Film
Proc. NAP 4, 01MAN02 (2015)
Kuzema P.O., Kuzema O.S., Dovzhyk M.Ya.  
Main Stages of Development and Recent Advances of Mass Spectrometry
Proc. NAP 4, 01MAN03 (2015)
Klym H., Ingram A., Hadzaman I., Shpotyuk O., Karbovnyk I.  
Positronium Characterization of Nanopores in Technologically Modified MgO-Al2O3 Ceramics
Proc. NAP 4, 01MAN04 (2015)
Yushchenko O.V., Yurko D.S.  
Investigation of Plastic Deformation Considering Nanoscale Effects
Proc. NAP 4, 01MAN05 (2015)
Track: Magnetic Fine Particles and Multilayers
Dudchenko N.O., Brik A.B., Ponomar V.P.  
Preparation of Magnetic Fine Particles for Different Applications by Reducing of Non-Magnetic Hematite and Goethite with Biomass
Proc. NAP 4, 01MFPM01 (2015)
Watarai H.  
Magneto-Optical Characterization of Binding Ability of Magnetic Nanoparticles in Solution
Proc. NAP 4, 01MFPM02 (2015)
Savchenko A.S., Tarasenko A.S., Tarasenko S.V., Shavrov V.G.  
The Conditions of Maximum Increase Evanescent Waves near the Surface of the 1D Magnetic Photonic Crystal
Proc. NAP 4, 01MFPM03 (2015)
Novokhatska A.O., Akimov G.Ya.  
The Structure of Nanopowders and High Temperature Ceramics of Lanthanum Manganite with Excess Manganese
Proc. NAP 4, 01MFPM04 (2015)
Rashad M.M., Shash N.M., El-Shaarawy M.G., Maklad M.H., Afifi F.A.  
The Effect of Nano-SiO2 on the Structural, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of SiO2-LiFe5O8 Glass–ceramics Prepared by Sol Gel Auto-combustion Processing
Proc. NAP 4, 01MFPM05 (2015)
Casao-Pérez J.A.  
Edge States and Magnetization in Bernal-Stacked Trilayer Graphene Nanoribbons
Proc. NAP 4, 01MFPM06 (2015)
Gorobets Yu.I., Kulish V.V.  
Spin Excitations in a Ferromagnetic Nanorice-type Cluster
Proc. NAP 4, 01MFPM07 (2015)

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