Scheduled Conference Title
Nanomaterials: Application & Properties '2012 X-ray Spectral Investigation of Carbon Nanoshells Abstract
Bogdan Igorovych Ilkiv, Svitlana Petrovska, Ruslan Sergiienko, Yaroslav Vasyliovych Zaulychnyy
2018 IEEE 8th International Conference on Nanomaterials: Applications & Properties XRD and DSC Studies of GeS2–Ga2S3 Glasses Abstract
Halyna Klym, Oleh Shpotyuk, Andrzej Kozdras, Ivan Karbovnyk
Nanomaterials: Application & Properties '2012 Zn1-xCdxS Nanoparticles, Nanofilms, Nanoscale Junction for Solar Сells Abstract
Maarif Ali Jafarov, E. F. Nasirov
2018 IEEE 8th International Conference on Nanomaterials: Applications & Properties ZnO Doped Nanosized Composite Material Based on Hydroxyapatite and Sodium Alginate Matrix Abstract
Amanzhol Turlybekuly, Alexander Pogrebnjak, Leonid Sukhodub, Ludmila Sukhodub, Oleksandr Bondar
7th International Conference Nanomaterials: Application & Properties '2017 ZnS quantum dots encapculated with Alginate: synthesis and antibacterial properties Abstract
Lyudmila Hrebenyk, Tatyana Ivakhniuk, Leonid Sukhodub
Nanomaterials: Application & Properties '2015 Тemperature and Concentration Dependences of Anisotropic Magnetoresistance Film Materials Abstract
S. I. Protsenko, O. A. Hrychanovs’ka, L. V. Odnodvorets, I. Yu. Protsenko, M. O. Shumakova
Nanomaterials: Application & Properties '2014 Тhermoresistive Properties of Film Systems with Elements of Granular State Abstract
Ivan Yu. Protsenko, O. A. Hrychanovs’ka, K. H. Karpenko, S. I. Protsenko, L. V. Odnodvorets, C. J. Panchal, V. H. Kher, P. K. Mehta, D. V. Poduremne
Nanomaterials: Application & Properties '2016 Тhermoresistive properties of nanodimentional film materials based on Pd or Au and Fe or W as elements of integrated electronics Abstract
O.P. Tkach
Nanomaterials: Application & Properties '2011 Т-Х-У Diagrams of Lead-Free Soldering Systems with Thermodynamic Contours of Minimal Surfaces Abstract
Vasily Ivanovich Lutsyk
Nanomaterials: Application & Properties '2011 “Etchability” of Ion Tracks in SiO2/Si and Si3N4/Si Thin Layers Abstract
Liudmila Vlasukova, Fadei Komarov, Vera Yuvchenko, Vladimir Skuratov
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