Nanomaterials: Application & Properties, Nanomaterials: Application & Properties '2012

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Carrier Density Dependence of sp-d Exchange in Nanostructured ZnO:Mn Thin Film
Majid Ebrahimizadeh Abrishami

Last modified: 2012-08-24


In this work, the nanostructured ZnO:Mn thin films with different Mn concentration (5, 10 and 15 mol%) have been grown on glass substrates at 500°C by the spray pyrolysis technique. The average grain size was estimated about 25 nm using SEM micrographs. The Faraday rotations were determined in applied magnetic fields up to 1.05 T. The highest values of Faraday rotation were observed in the sample with 5 mol% Mn concentration. The carrier density has been calculated from the Faraday rotations and it is observed that the sp-d exchange in magnetic semiconductor is strongly affected by carrier parameters

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