The Conference Organizing Team tries to pay an attention to traditional topics of conferences on Material Science and to most vanguard and attractive issues of modern nanosciencies and nanotechnologies. The scope of the Conference is widely spread from the nanostructured bulk materials and radiations effects in solids to the newest inventions in technology of nanparticles and nanolayers producing, from industrial functional coatings to the properties of carbon nanomaterials, nanobiotechnologies and functionalization of nanoparticles for medicine.

The conference host country is Ukraine that gives an opportunity to attend it for the researchers from former USSR, because of financial reasons. In order to provide deeper integration the Science of these countries into the World Research Area, the Conference Organizing Team applies a lot of efforts to popularize it in the world, to involve the participants from many countries and to invite a renowned scientist as an invited speakers.

The official language of the Conference is ENGLISH. The details themes and focuses one can see in the Conference Tracks’ description.

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