Nanomaterials: Application & Properties, Nanomaterials: Application & Properties '2013

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Using of a New Carbon Nano Tube Version in Sheet Shape for Water and Wastewater Treatment
Mohammad Mehdi Amin, Bijan Bina, Alimorad Rashidi, Hamidreza Pourzamani

Last modified: 2013-09-03


Removal of xylene (a toxic compound) from aqueous solution by modified multi wall carbon nano tubes (MWCNT) via silica as sheeted carbon nanotube (SCNT) was evaluated. The physicochemical properties of MWCNT such as structure and availability surface were improved due to convert tubes into sheets that cause significantly increase in xylene adsorption. The equilibrium amount (qe (mg/g)) in nano material's dose of 1g/l, xylene concentration of 10mg/l, contact time of 10min, and pH 7, for SCNT (qe=9.8 mg/g) was higher than single wall carbon nano tubes (SWCNT) (qe=9.2 mg/g) and MWCNT (qe=8.9 mg/g). It is concluded that sheeted carbon nanotube due to their large surface area improve performance of xylene adsorption. Also carbon nano tube (CNT) recycling by heating, showed better adsorption performance for recycled SCNT. A comparison study on xylene adsorption revealed that sheeted carbon nanotube has better xylene adsorption performance as compared to CNT, carbon and silica adsorbents. This suggests that the SCNT is an efficient adsorbent for xylene removal in environmental pollutions cleanup.

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