K-Tek Nanotechnology, LLC

K-Tek Nanotechnology, LLC supplies a comprehensive portfolio of AFM tips and accessories that cover a wide-range of customer demands from basic imaging requirements to the most complex applications. We strive to continually bring new products based on latest technology. It is our mission to offer only the best products to keep customers on-track and on-budget to achieving reliable and consistent results. Our products are compatible with all major AFM and SPM manufacturers. Our customers are important to us, and customer service is our top priority. K-Tek Nanotechnology’s specialists provide friendly service, dependable technical support, and competitive pricing.


Angstrom Engineerin Inc.


 At Angstrom Engineering, we collaborate with you, our partner to discover the approach that will give you a competitive advantage. From single chamber PVD & CVD systems to multi-chamber, robotic cluster arrays, we design and manufacture the scientific instruments that will make your lab more efficient, consistently creating the thin films your work requires. We have a world of experiencing creating systems that employ magnetron sputtering, electron-beam evaporation, ion beam processing, and thermal evaporation as well as every imaginable process enhancement, including roll-to-roll fixturing, variable angle stages, substrate heating and cooling, and quite a lot more. When your thin film deposition equipment is working reliably towards your specific purposes, backed by a company with a reputation for consistent and unequivocal support, your work comes into focus.

AJA International, Inc.


AJA is a manufacturer of thin film deposition systems including magnetron sputtering, e-beam evaporation, thermal evaporation, and ion milling systems.  Founded in Scituate,  MA, USA in 1989 by William Hale, MBA, BS Physics, the company was established as a supplier of innovative physical vapor deposition (PVD) products.  With many systems and magnetron sputter sources shipped worldwide,  AJA International, Inc. continues to discover innovative design solutions which are often copied but never equaled. The company truly remains THE CUTTING EDGE IN THIN FILM TECHNOLOGY.



attocube is the technology leader for cryogenic measurement instrumentation, including low vibration closed-cycle cryostats, a cryo-optical table and various low temperature & high magnetic field compatible measurement inserts, allowing for research techniques such as AFM, MFM, SHPM, confocal & RAMAN microscopy.

In addition attocube supplies nano-precise piezo positioning stages and highly accurate interferometric sensor solutions. The portfolio includes linear, goniometric and rotational piezo stages all working with nanometer accuracy. The positioners are available for various environmental conditions, always optimized for the specific field of application.

Quantum Opus


Quantum Opus is a small, privately held Limited Liability Company (LLC) located in south-eastern Michigan. In March 2013, Quantum Opus was founded with private capital and the singular goal of producing the world's best superconducting nanowire single-photon detector systems. Notably, Quantum Opus scientists were the first to successfully produce commercial single-photon sensitive devices out of a proprietary, amorphous thin-film superconductor with the very desirable superconducting transition temperature of >5 K. As a result of this high transition temperature, our devices enable the use our Opus One™ cryosystem. The Opus One is a simple, continuously operating, rack-mountable cryosystem that can be installed with up to 32 fiber-coupled detector channels. Each detector has world-leading performance at customer-specified wavelengths, achieving low dark rates (<1 count per second for wavelengths <1000nm, <100 counts per second at 1550nm), high count rates (40 M-counts per second per channel), and high timing resolution (below 100 ps jitter, <60ps with cryogenic amplifiers), all at high efficiencies (>80% at 1550nm, >90% shorter wavelengths). In our fifth year of business, we are excited to release the Opus Two™ cryosystem that will expand cryogenics painlessly into new markets. The Opus Two is the world's first commercial, low power (<300W wall draw), "desktop" cooler for continuous operation at temperatures below 1.8 Kelvin. The Opus Two will enable new applications of superconducting photon detectors, such as microscopy, remote sensing, and free-space optical communication. We are targeting commercial availability in mid-2018.


Bruker BioSpin is the market leader in analytical research tools based on magnetic resonance. Our comprehensive portfolio includes NMR, EPR and TD-NMR, delivering a range of research tools to enable life science, materials science, analytical chemistry and process control.

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