Nanomaterials: Application & Properties, IEEE International Conference on "Nanomaterials: Applications & Properties" (NAP-2020)

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Studying Stem Cells With Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
V. Budnyk, L. Lukash, O. Papuga, M. Budnyk, S. Lukash, I. Uvarova

Last modified: 2020-12-30


To make an experimental studies of the possible cytotoxic effect of magnetic nanoparticles on stem cells. To investigate the effect of magnetic nanoparticles on cell proliferation, depending on their size, concentration and type. We use multipotent mesenchymal stem cells of human 4BL line. The cultivation of cells is described. Fe3O4 nanoparticles were used as markers for stem cells. We prepared 34 samples with nanoparticles, cells with cover, cells without cover, and nanoparticles-cells composite. Above samples were studied by cell counting and fluorescent microscopy methods. It was obtained that iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles are influenced on the survival and proliferation of human stem cells, depending on the concentration and size of the nanoparticles.