The #NAP2019 Organizing Committee is very pleased to Welcome You to Ukraine!

The 2019 IEEE 9th International Conference on “Nanomaterials: Applications & Properties” Conference is devoted to the most interesting aspects of modern Materials Science with the prime focus on nanoscale materials. The #NAP2019 is co-organized by Sumy State University and the IEEE Nanotechnology Council and supported by the IEEE Magnetics Society and the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). Although nanoscience and nanotechnology are still in their infancy, this rapidly evolving field of research is quickly transforming almost all aspects of our everyday life. From the low power electronics and supercomputers, to advanced drugs and personalized medicine, from new industrial applications, and renewable energy to advanced transportation and clean air technologies, nanoscience is the foundation of many of the transformational discoveries in the decades to come.

Our goal is to bring together a broad international community of scientists, engineers, and educators who are already involved in defining a future where the understanding and controlling of matter at the nanoscale will ultimately lead to revolutionary technological and industrial advances.

We welcome you to Ukraine and hope that the #NAP2019  Conference will serve as an excellent international platform for an engaging and informal exchange of ideas, that provides opportunities to strengthen existing collaborations and catalyze new partnerships, and thus ultimately accelerating the application of nanotechnology to address the most urgent societal needs.

The #NAP2019 Organizing Committee wishes you fruitful work and a pleasant stay in Odesa City!


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